Air Conditioning Maintenance


Professional air conditioning maintenance may seem to be a nuisance and an unnecessary cost. To the contrary, a skilled air conditioning technician can identify potential problems well ahead of time. This can save the prudent homeowner significant amounts of money and aggravation.

While the cost conscious homeowner can perform some of the typical tasks in a routine air conditioning maintenance visit, a professional should be used at least once per year. They will perform the more difficult tasks that require specialized knowledge and equipment.

A typical, professional air conditioning maintenance should include the following:

  • Replace all air filters
  • Check the thermostat and replace battery, if necessary
  • Rinse the drain line and apply an mold inhibiting solution
  • Inspect and clean the condensing coil
  • Inspect refrigerant lines for damage
  • Recharge refrigerant if necessary
  • Inspect and secure all electrical connections
  • Check the all belts for correct tautness
  • Use silicon lubricant or oil on all appropriate parts
  • Check intake and outflow ducts for leakage
  • Conduct an accuracy test of the thermostat

The costs associated with a routine service call will vary with the actual services performed. All the basic tasks will be covered in the standard service call charge which should be between $125-175. Additional refrigerant, belts or minor parts will be extra. In addition, any repairs that are performed will also be charged separately.

Routine air conditioning maintenance should not be viewed as a burden. It is an investment in your home and in your comfort. A properly functioning air conditioning unit will cost less in terms of utility costs and in repair bills over the long run. In short, you cannot afford to skip or delay maintenance on your HVAC equipment. As the man in the old commercial used to say, “You can pay me a little now or you can pay a lot later.”