Air Conditioning Condenser


When you have an AC, the air conditioning condenser is attractive to animals. They are even drawn to the humming noise and fresh air coming from your condenser. Chances are, they will play around it and explore what’s inside. Cats and dogs might even urinate on it whenever they play around. Deterring animals from your AC condenser is not that difficult, and it can keep your AC clean and your pets safe.

Ways to keep animals away from your air conditioning condenser

  • Clean the area around your AC condenser with water regularly. Animals often urinate in places where other animals have urinated as a mark of their territory. By cleaning with water, you can remove the bad smell that they have done, and prevent future markings. Scrub the area by using warm water with soap to remove any urine smell.
  • Use double-sided tape to line the area around the air conditioning condenser. Animals do not like the sight of the sticky tape, and will just avoid getting close to it. Prepare 4 strips of tape and press them firmly on the floor to secure and prevent them from moving if animals walk on them.
  • Use a pet repellant to coat the interior of the AC condenser, and coat all surfaces evenly. Commercial pet sprays are effective to draw away animals because they contain scents that they do not like. There’s nothing to worry about because they are not harmful to animals, and will only help to deter them from getting close to the air conditioning condenser because they do not want the scent. Aside from being non-toxic, these sprays will not harm your pets if ever they happen to ingest them.
  • Get an empty can and fill it with coins. This will serve as a training device to teach your pets to stay away from the AC condenser. Whenever your pets come close to the unit, tell them “no” in a strong voice and begin shaking the can. The loud noise will surprise the animals, and stop them from getting near the condenser. Every time they come close to the AC, do the same thing until they become used to it, and not come close.

Just remember that the air conditioning condenser of cooling equipment is an important part of your unit. Without it, your AC will not run efficiently. So you should take care of it and keep animals away from it.