Air Conditioning


Is your air conditioning system not working that well or is your air quality bothering you?  There could be many reasons for it however here is a simple tip that may save you money in having to call HVAC contractor to come out to fix it.

Change Your Air Conditioning Filters!

How to Change Air Conditioning Filters:

1. Find your existing air conditioning filters. Your air filters are always in your return vents.

2. You should turn off your air conditioning system before you begin to change the filters.  There are three places where you could turn off the unit- thermostat, switch near the furnace or your power breaker.

3. Decide the correct air filters size. You should be able to find the size on the side label of the air filter. If there is no number or there is no air conditioner filter, measure the filter’s area and find the air filter closes to the measurement. Choose which air conditioner filters are best for your home. There are air filters that collect dust mites, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold spores, virus, etc…

4. Remove the older air conditioner filter. Clean dust in the filter area.

5. As you go to put the air filter in you should look for an arrow that shows you which way to put the air conditioner filter in. For example, if airflow goes to the right, make sure the air filter arrow points to the right.

6. Depending on who you ask, your air filters should be changed any where from once a month to every six months.  Our suggestion is if you have pets you should change them at least every three months.

We hope this AC tip has helped you!