Air Conditioner


It is a question that haunts homeowners – can the AC make it one more summer? When considering whether now is the time to get a new system to keep your home cool, you should be asking few questions. Different factors fit into the final decision. Take a quick survey of your air conditioner. Once complete, you should have a clear picture of recurring problems and whether the AC has had it or if repair is the better choice.

How Old Is The Unit?

That is the first question. Energy Star states that if your AC has been in service for more than 10 years, you need to get a new one. Older units not only breakdown frequently, they use more energy that modern models. You are doing yourself a disservice by keeping it around. Each month, you pay for the energy that system uses. With a new more efficient AC you are going to save money on the monthly bills. A new air conditioner will save as much as 20 percent off the electric bill.

What Type of Refrigerant Does It Use?

Freon, or R-22, is being phased out. The scientific community has proven that Freon is detrimental to the environment. Specifically, it harms the ozone that protects the earth from radiation. Homeowners will older models that require Freon charges will find they need to replace the AC. There will no way to add R-22 to the appliance any longer.

Escalating Energy Bill

A high energy bill during both the summer and winter months might indicate inefficient heat and cooling systems. Pull out the electric bills over the last year and look for a trend. If you see escalation during the months you use the air conditioner; you are not getting quality performance from the unit. Repair might improve the numbers, but replacing it with an energy efficient model will pay for itself in savings.

Are You Calling for Service Often?

If it seems you have the same recurring problems such as a leaking, buying a new AC will save on repair costs. Chronic repairs add up to a lot of service expense. A healthy air conditioner should need basic maintenance, not an overhaul twice a summer. When the costs for repeated repairs start to add it, replacing it is the better option.

What about Renewable Energy?

In today’s environmentally conscious world, every homeowner should look for ways to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel. Replacing the AC with one that works with solar power or on thermal energy might be another option. There may be considerable saving in changing such as tax benefits and manufacturers discounts.

Replace or repair? Every homeowner must ask this question once in a while when dealing with appliances. You need to weight the cost of each. When repairs start to add up to more than a new AC, it is time to replace. What you spend each month to manage the temperature in your home is another factor. High energy bills during the summer months can only mean one thing. Modern units are more efficient, better for the environment and provide enhanced performance.

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