AC Maintenance


Modern, high efficiency air conditioners are wonders of technology. As such, they require expertise, experience and the right set of tools to be properly serviced. Of course, minor problems such as a blocked drain can be handled by the homeowner. More complicated or involved tasks such as refilling the unit with Freon or dealing with electrical problems are best left to professional air conditioning companies.

Similarly, a routine ac maintenance inspection of the unit can be performed by the homeowner. We would recommend looking for these items:

  • Check all air filters and replace as necessary
  • Check and replace the thermostat battery, if necessary
  • Remove any debris from the drain line
  • Flush the drain line with a dilute mixture of water and bleach
  • On the exterior unit, rinse the condensing coil with water
  • Wipe down the exterior of unit

For more serious problems such as exposed wires or a broken or damaged fan motor, the services of an ac maintenance professional is advised. The time spent in determining the problem, finding the right tools and materials and actually fixing the problem are more than compensated by the cost of service call.

Whether you need a routine inspection or require a service call for a specific problem, be sure that your ac maintenance professional checks the following items in addition to the ones above:

  • Check refrigerant lines for leaks and recharge if needed
  • Examine all electrical connections
  • Check the fan blower belt for excessive slack
  • Lubricate all motors
  • Check ducts for leakage
  • Check the accuracy of the thermostat

There is no doubt that ac maintenance is necessary. It is advisable to schedule one at the beginning of the spring season and at the end or the summer to winterize the unit. Routine service calls are inexpensive and will surely pay for themselves over time in lower utility bills, fewer service calls and less aggravation.