AC Maintenance


It’s important to have AC maintenance performed by your local AC technician. We recommend having AC maintenance done yearly to decrease problems and malfunctions from happening.

1) Yearly AC maintenance will catch minor malfunctions in your system prior to the AC system running poorly or completely shutting down.

2) Air conditioning systems need to be cleaned of leaves, small animals, etc…  If the system does not get cleaned on a regular basis, it will get clogged and the system will not work properly.

3) Another reason to get an AC maintenance tune up is because it will be more energy efficient.

4) Apart of the AC maintenance you should have the air conditioning contractor clean and/or replaced the air filters.  This will give your home better air quality as well as ensure that the AC system’s reliable operation.

5) Lastly, you should have your air conditioning system maintained yearly because your AC system will just last longer!

In conclusion, if you don’t maintain your air conditioning system it will cost you more in service, repairs and energy bills! The small amount you’ll pay for the yearly AC maintenance will definitely save you in having to get an expensive repair done or even worse having to have the system replaced!