AC Freon R-22 has been a good choice as refrigerant for residential cooling systems and heat pump for many years. However, because of its releases, which are hazardous to the environment, it’s now being phased out. Nevertheless, manufacturers can continue producing and importing R-22 until 2020 to service existing equipment. R-22 leaks affect the ozone layer adversely, and since it is a greenhouse gas, it produces a by-product known as HFC-23 which causes global warming.

What is the alternative for R-22?

Since R-22 is being phased out as part of the agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop production of HCFCs, the makers of air conditioning systems for homes offer equipment that utilizes ozone-friendly refrigerants as its replacement. The EPA has encouraged the manufacturers of AC refrigerant Freon to produce formulas that are not harmful to human beings, environment and animals.

You can use R410A Freon as alternative for R22. Aside from being efficient, R410A is safer for the environment, people and animals. Manufacturers have been making this type of Freon for the past several years, and it can be used by newer models of air conditioning units.

Another refrigerant substitute for R-22 in homes is called R-407C. However, residential ACs and heat pumps that use R-407C cannot be found in the US, but only in Europe.

What are the effects of R-22 phasing out?

  • Since manufacturing of R-22 is no longer permitted, its cost is constantly rising, and may be triple over the coming years. If this is the case, the operation of your cooling system will be higher each year.
  • If your cooling system is older than 5 years, you have to replace it because it is not compatible with R410A.
  • After 2020, servicing of R-22 will rely only on recycled refrigerants. This will ensure that the remaining supplies of R-22 will be available in the market to service AC systems.
  • The R-410A substitute for R-22 does not add to ozone layer depletion, but it also causes global warming.

Since AC Freon R-22 is being phased out, it will give more benefits to the earth. This is much better rather than continue depleting the ozone layer which is critical to human beings if it will be destroyed. Being aware of environmental hazards that cause ozone layer depletion and global warming, gives you a sense of responsibility to mother nature. Your air conditioner should contribute to preservation of the environment.