AC Contractors


A central cooling system may be a great idea to get the best value for your money and comfort for your family. It gives the same temperature to all rooms in your home without adjusting the thermostats individually. The system can last for many years except that you may encounter condenser failures. In this case, you have to know how much AC contractors will charge you for replacement of a new AC condenser.

Replacement of new AC condenser may be costly and inconvenient. This may be true if you don’t know where to start, and how you can save money from buying a new one.

How much AC contractors charge for a new AC condenser

Your AC has a condenser that removes all the heat from your house into your central cooling system. The metal fins found in a condenser help in radiating the heat. Hot AC refrigerant coming from the compressor flows to the condenser, and makes it at a lower temperature. The following are estimated costs of replacing an old AC condenser with a new one charged by AC contractors:

  • Actually, the condenser itself does not stop working. It is the fan which blows air through it that often breaks, making replacement as the best option. Air conditioning contractors may charge you about $2,500 with free installation for a new one which is expected to be an efficient model.
  • As an example, a home that measures 2,000 square feet may require an average of $3,500 to $4,000, done by 2 technicians within 2 to 3 days with existing duct. If ducts will be added, the cost may double since work and time will also double.
  • An estimate for a smaller and older home measuring about 800 to 1,000 square feet without an existing duct work may cost from $2,100 to $6,000. The price will depend on the size and quality of the equipment that will be installed, space available for ducts and vents installation, and the local economy.

Why you should replace your AC condenser

Getting a new AC condenser with higher efficiency can give you savings, and help in keeping your home cooler. However, if your AC is already old, you might also replace more parts other than the condenser, including indoor components.

The above quotes may vary according to different AC contractors. The best thing to do is ask for different quotes, and pick the right one that passes your scrutiny.