Air Conditioning


If you own an air conditioner, you could have experienced receiving an electricity bill that indicates a big amount. A wrong setting on your air conditioning can cause your high utility cost, and wrong temperature can be bad for your health. If you know the right setting for your AC, you will not only save from high cost of electricity, but also save from hospitalization bills.

What is the right setting of temperature to keep the room cool?

  • The recommended setting of your air conditioning temperature is 25C or 77F. It balances saving of energy in running your AC, and also set it to your comfortable temperature. If you don’t enjoy a cool room at this setting, then, you can combine it with an electric fan.
  • Typically, the degree of temperature depends on how you feel comfortable. If your home is well insulated, your comfort zone should be around 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can either set the air conditioning temperature according to the average comfort zone of your room or to the nighttime temperature. Assuming that the temperature at nighttime falls to 72 degrees or below, you can have your setting at 78 degrees. This way, your room temperature will remain on your average comfort range. Assuming that the temperature is expected to reach 73 degrees, you can set it on that level. At this temperature, you can still remain within your desired average comfort zone.
  • You should set the temperature according to your needs. If you have asthma, or other difficulties in breathing, you need a drier and cooler environment. Any setting below 70 degrees remains cool. If you set your unit at 69 degrees instead of lower setting, you can still enjoy a cool atmosphere, and save money from energy.
  • You can also set your air conditioning temperature according to your budget. If you set your air conditioning by one degree colder, it can cost you around 3 to 5 per cent more. Let’s say that you want to keep the temperature at 68 degrees, your utility bill may be $100. If you set it at 72 degrees, you can save up to 20 per cent in electricity equivalent to $20.

Remember that an AC unit should provide you with comfort and ease in paying your utility bills. It should not come to a point where it will be a big burden to you. So, follow the proper way in setting it.