Low Water Pressure


One of the most aggravating problems in the home is low water pressure. A few of the annoyances are a hot shower that is just not as enjoyable, a dishwasher or washing machine that takes forever to finish or the fact that some of the plants on the far side of your property will never get watered properly.

The reasons for low water pressure vary from temporary to permanent and from minor to severe. Here a quick rundown from the least troublesome to the worst.

  1. Too many people using the system simultaneously.
  2. The pipes of your home only have a certain capacity. It simply cannot accommodate two people running the shower while the dishwasher and sprinklers are running. Staggering the use of appliances and showers will easily alleviate this problem.
  3. Localized blockage at the tap.
  4. Modern faucets have little aerating, strainers where the water leaves the fixture. Mineral deposits will sometimes clog these strainers and reduce the flow of water to a particular tap. The strainer is easily removed and cleaned.
  5. Crimp in the water supply hose.
  6. Similarly, the water supply hoses underneath a sink are sometimes crimped when items are jammed into the space. Be sure that all hoses are unrestricted and your problem is solved
  7. Water leaks. A water leak will have to be fairly severe to affect your water pressure level. Nevertheless. If you have a large property, a leak may go undiscovered until the next water billing cycle. Be sure to determine the causes of any sudden drop in water pressure.
  8. None of the Above. Unfortunately, the lack of a problem inside your home indicates that the problem is outside. Every home has a pressure regulator located somewhere on the main water line entering the house. It is actually designed to decrease the water pressure coming into the home to reduce strain on your homes plumbing system. Occasionally they malfunction or completely fail causing a drop in water pressure. The only solution is to replace them. It is not a challenging job if you have the right tools, knowledge and experience. However, it is critical that the replacement be performed properly.

When your in doubt of the cause it’s best to use a professional plumber to fix this low water pressure problem.