Clogged Drain


A clogged drain is a nuisance whenever and wherever it occurs. It takes far more time and effort to unclog a drain than it does to avoid the problem in the first place. So if you already have a clogged drain then we recommend calling your local professional plumber to clear the drain.

Here are some simple, easy to do, tips for avoiding the problem from the start.

1) Go easy on the food disposal. Most are not industrial-sized monsters so a little patience will go a long way in allowing the machine to effectively chop and dispose of your garbage.

2) Similarly, only introduce food items that the disposal can handle. In particular, copious amounts of meat, congealing stews or solidified fat will make it past the first stage of processing. The problem arises when those food stuffs sit in the pipe and resolidify. No amount of hot water or pressure will dislodge that blockage and the physical use of a drain auger is the only way to unblock the clogged drain.

3) In the bathroom, refrain from pushing damp hair, especially longer fibers, down the drain. Hair is notoriously difficult to flush and is resistant to chemical drain cleaners. Instead, remove the hair physically and throw it in the waste container. A simple solution to a simple problem.

4) Lastly, pay attention to what goes in the toilet. No, not that. But everything else. Do not let your little ones throw toys in there. Do not dispose of the dead goldfish or the used tampon and do not throw Q-tips in. They are problems waiting to happen.

In most cases, a clogged drain could have been avoided. Plumbing fixtures last for decades and are so simple that a problem must become very severe for them to stop functioning. A little caution on your part will go a long way in eliminating any clogged drain problems.