Tankless Water Heaters


Does all the hype about energy-efficient tankless water heaters have you convinced it’s time to upgrade your home’s system? Well, hold on there, Tex. You might be surprised to know that these tankless water heaters also have some very distinct disadvantages.

  • Electric vs gas. Most electric models need more energy to instantly raise the water temperature. So, not only would you have to have the water heater installed, you’ll probably need to install additional electrical power.  However, gas systems can quickly heat gallons of water. But the water flow could be compromised.
  • Higher cost. On the average, whole-house tankless heaters cost $500 or more than tanked water heater systems. Add in the cost of the additional electrical outlet, ventilation and gas lines and the price gets even higher.
  • Installation costs. Depending on the location of the new water heater system, installation might involve more than a plumber. As mentioned before, electricians and framers might also be needed which can add significantly to the cost.
  • Not so Hot, Hot Water. The problem occurs more in the northern part of the country where temperatures are colder. Electric tankless water heaters don’t work the best heating the water in colder climates.

No matter which energy-efficient tankless water heater you chose, make sure to budget for all installation issues which might come up. Keeping your job on time and on budget shouldn’t be difficult. If you and your plumber understand your needs and work together.