Maintenance Tips


During the summer months, there are often a lot of costs associated with keeping the home and the family cool. This can easily translate into high energy costs. I have compiled ten home maintenance tips that should help keep the family cool and save money at the same time.

Maintenance Tips:

1. Have the air conditioning unit checked before the summer. It is important that this is working properly, so having it checked by a professional will ensure it is ready to go for the summer and will be most efficient.

2. Check or add weather stripping around windows and doors. Cool air can easily escape through drafty windows and doors. Proper stripping will ensure the cool air stays inside.

3. Inspect and change filters in the HVAC unit as recommended. A dirty filter is harmful to people in the house, is less efficient and costs more money to operate. I personally make a reminder for myself so this gets done at the proper time every six months.

4. Close curtains. On bright, sunny day, closing the curtains will keep the humidity and the light out. This will keep the home cooler.

5. When it is cooler out, I open up the windows. The AC does not need to run all of the time. When the temperature drops, allow Mother Nature to cool down the house.

6. I love to cook outside during the summer. This helps to lower costs associated with running the stove or over, keeps the house cooler and provides my family with great meals.

7. I highly recommend Energy Star appliances. These energy efficient machines will work better and definitely save the family money.

8. Install a programmable or smart thermostat. I have one in my home and it has helped to save energy and money. There is no reason to always have the home at the same temperature, and this thermostat will certainly help with this.

9. By air drying clothes, I am able to save when it comes to the cost associated with running the dryer. On hot days, it takes no time at all for clothes to get dry.

10. When things are not in use, I will unplug appliances. Even if the item is off, there will still be a drain in power. Unplugging things definitely saves energy and money.

There are a lot of simple, energy efficient and cost effective things to be done around the house. I know that I see results just by doing a few of these maintenance tips.

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